Doctors who will treat transgender patients are hard to some by in Greensboro and the surrounding areas. Currently Dr. Donald E. Pittaway, an OB/GYN and an endocrinologist in Winston-Salem, NC, is the only doctor within about 100 miles of Greensboro, NC that will prescribe hormones for hormone replacement therapy to transgender people. He treats both trans-masculine and trans-feminine people (some doctors, planned parenthood facilities, and women's health clinics that offer healthcare for trans* people only provide services to trans men and do not offer treatment for trans women). He has been knonw to charge half price for those without insurance. He requires a letter from a counselor of any kind stating that it is appropriate to treat you with hormone replacement therapy. He generally runs a blood test on your first visit, and give prescriptions for 2mg estrogen anywhere from one to four times a day depending on your body chemistry, response to hormones, and hormone levels. He also generally puts the patient on 200mg (half of the usual dosage when used for birth control) of Depo-Provera every three months to block testosterone for trans women and add another hormone, preogestin. For trans men........(trans man with experience please fill in info about Dr. Pittaway's treatment here)

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