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Transgender resources are incredibly hard to find, and many are forced to become strong advocates for themselves with the level of invisibility of trans* people and the limited help available. It is the aim of this wiki to begin listing resources available that we have found so that it will be easier for those who come after us, and so that they may be better informed.

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This is a place to list and categorize resources anywhere around the world around the world for transgender individuals. Please contribute as much as possible! Write about specific places and people who provide resources, give their information and web page if they have one. Create pages for your country/state/city. Also, write about the experiences and objective assessments of the resources you provide. Some counselors, doctors, and organizations may claim to be "specialists" in the area of transgender issues, and yet may say or do very transphobic and transmisogynist things, or may simply be claiming to be a specialist in order to draw in trans* clients for business, much like the pink economy, catered to gay stereotypes, and intended to make money off of gay culture. 

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