Transgender Resources Wiki

Welcome to the Transgender Resources Wiki[]

This wiki is a directory for helping transgender, non-binary, and other gender non-conforming people find resources where they live. If you’re looking for something, try the search box or start with the Countries category page.

What's Here[]

We welcome listings for all types of organizations and resources that serve the trans community, large or small, national or hyper-local, and from anywhere in the world. Resources for specific populations within the community (e.g. trans people of color, gay and lesbian trans people, etc.) and general “LGBT+” groups that also serve trans people may also be included. Please be aware that while we try to keep the information current and reliable, these pages may contain links to outdated information or resources that haven’t been vetted. Use caution when relying on a resource that you don’t have firsthand knowledge of.

Note for Editors[]

Because this wiki is organized by location, organizations should be listed on the page of the country or region that it serves. If the page you need doesn’t exist yet, you can create it. When you're creating a new country page, it should have one section for national organizations (that serve the entire country) and one for local groups. If you're adding more than a few local groups, it's helpful to break them into their own subsections by region or state/province. If a subsection gets particularly long it may make sense to further divide the list by resource type (e.g. healthcare providers, support groups, etc.) and even to give the area its own page.